Duane Eells was born in Los Angeles and lives in Ojai, California. A representational artist, Eells focuses on portraits, figures and landscapes.

His mother, an oil painter, exposed him to the fine arts at a young age, and enrolled him in painting and drawing classes at the age of 10. Eells studied art and design at California State University Northridge, Humboldt State University and Ventura College, as well as at a number of workshops throughout Southern California.  

In the 1980s, Eells successfully exhibited his work at a variety of venues throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Midway through this decade, his creative focus was graphic design, which led to him starting a successful design firm that thrives to this day.

Since 2000, Eells, a self-taught artist, has re-devoted himself to painting and drawing. During this time he committed to the study of academic drawing and painting in the classical tradition.  He applies these principles to his craft and continues his education while he grows as an artist.

In his portraits, Eells is renowned for his ability to deeply capture the essence and emotion of those he paints.  He uses bold and aggressive strokes that are tempered with a careful adherence to traditional drawing principles. His landscapes are a union of representation and abstraction. He aims to capture the life and energy of the land he paints.

Eells works out of his studio in Ojai, California.